This page is a work in progress. The details of our weekend will be finalized by a commitee after receiving your feedback. 
Day 1: Hotel Check-In/Meet & Greet
When: Wed. Nov 21 at 5pm
Where: Hotel TBA
Ocho Rios Jamaica

Accommodations will be provided by (Hotels TBA)
A room block will be set in place at the aforementioned hotels under the name 'Harrison Family Reunion' Please RSVP at your earliest convenience to ensure availability, early booking and discounted rates.

The Meet & Greet will take place at (TBA) at 5pm.
Light snacks and drinks as well as the reunion t-shirt & favors will be provided at this time along with the official family tree display.
Day 2: Family Picnic & BBQ
Current welcome sign (Jan 2018)
Current welcome sign (Jan 2018)

When: Thurs. Nov 22 at 12pm
Where: Fern Gully

On day 2, we will start the day with a tour of the Harrison Family Estate, followed by a dedication ceremony replacing the welcome sign at the entrance of Fern Gully.

Later on that day, the festivities will continue with a family picnic and barbecue held in Fern Gully. There will be activities and competitions for all age groups to include (TBA) there will also be a DJ/live music.
The competitions will commence with a family talent show, jerk chicken eating contest, family history trivia game and much more.
Day 3: Family Day Trip - Climb the falls
Konoko Falls, Ocho Rios JA
Konoko Falls, Ocho Rios JA

When: Fri. Nov 23 at 2pm
Where: Konoko Falls & Park
Ocho Rios Jamaica
Day 4: Free Day
When: Sat. Nov 24
Where: Ocho Rios
Day 5: Sunday Church Service
When: Sun. Nov 25
Where: St Johns Anglican Church